Bissell CleanView 9595 Vacuum Cleaner Review

Here are the top video reviews for the Bissell CleanView 9595 Vacuum Cleaner. Look below each video if you want to jump to your specific question. 


How powerful is the suction? 2:03

How well does it pick up dust? 3:40

Parts & Accessories

What tools come with it? 4:31

How powerful is the suction using the tools? 5:07

Bare Floors

How well does it clean bare floors? 6:26


Would you recommend this vacuum? 5:49, 6:57


Packaging & Assembly

How difficult was this vacuum to assemble? 0:23

Parts & Accessories

What parts and accessories come with this vacuum? 0:37

Bag and Filters

How easy is it to change the bag? 1:28

Floor Settings

What floor settings does it have? 1:39


How would you rate this vacuum? 2:01


Packaging & Assembly

What is the packaging like? 2:20

How easy is it to assemble? 3:04

Parts & Accessories

What parts come with the vacuum? 8:10


How powerful is the suction? 8:45

How well does it clean carpet? 11:58

Bag & Filters

How do you change the bag? 0:15

How do you clean the filter? 0:53

Parts & Accessories

How well doe the turbo brush work? 1:40


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